I am actively looking for students to work with. If you are interested in any of the following positions, please send me your CV with education/employment history and at least one reference. You could submit materials such as previously published conference papers, link to open-source projects that you contributed, blog posts that describe your mini-projects. Email: kotarohara@smu.edu.sg

As a visiting student, you will be working at SMU located at the heart of Singapore. You will be supported with monthly salary based on the school's policy, as well as get medical insurance if you are a graduate student.

Visiting Undergraduate and Graduate Students (Online Work)

I am currently looking for undergraduate and graduate students who can make tools to improve the online crowd work environment. We are creating technologies to provide better feedback to requesters about how much they are paying. Our goal is to evaluate if the tools better inform the requester how they treat online workers, and see if their behavior changes. We aim to report our research by publishing academic papers and journals at top-tier venues.

Wanted skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor in Computer Science or related fields (e.g., Electrical Engineering)
  • Strong English communication skills, particularly in writing
  • Experience in design, development, and deployment of crowdsourcing systems
  • Understanding in using (Bayesian) statistics

Visit duration will be 3-6 months, but this could be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. The position is open between Sept 2018 and Aug 2019.