Visiting Graduate Student

I am currently looking for a visiting graduate student(s) who can work with me to create crowd-powered technologies to support people with mobility impairments. We extend our prior work to further increase the scalability of collecting accessibility information about the built environment using crowdsourcing, machine learning, and computer vision. Our goal will be to create and deploy the novel crowd-powered technologies to the world, as well as publishing academic papers and journals at top-tier venues.

I am looking for a student with the following skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelar in Computer Science or related fields (e.g., Electrical Engineering)
  • Strong English communication skills, particularly in writing
  • Experience in design, development, and deployment of crowdsourcing systems
  • Fluency in using machine learning and computer vision libraries

As a visiting student, you will be working at SMU, which is located at the heart of Singapore. Visit duration will be 3-6 month, but this could be adjusted. You will be supported with monthly salary and medical insurance based on the school's policy. The position is open between Jan and Dec, 2018.

If you are interested, please send me your CV with education/employment history and at least two references. You could submit optional mateials such as previously published conference papers, link to open-source projects that you contributed, blog posts that describe your mini-projects. Email: