Techniques to Visualize Occluded Graph Elements for 2.5D Map Editing


Kazuyuki Fujita, Daigo Hayashi, Kotaro Hara, Kazuki Takashima, and Yoshifumi Kitamura


We propose an interface with two novel techniques to visualize occluded graph nodes and edges that help the user edit map data with a 2.5D geographical structure (e.g., multi-floor indoor maps). We first design a visualization technique -Repel Signification- that employs micro-animation to signify the graph elements that are overlapping with each other (and potentially erroneous). We also design a technique that enables the user to edit the occluded components with Expansion Interaction, which simultaneously visualizes both in-floor and across-floor occluded connections between the map elements. The combination of the two methods would enable the map editors (non-experts) to effectively find and fix erroneous data in 2.5D maps without changing the operation manner from the existing 2D map-editing interface.