Feb 25, 2014 Gave a poster presentation at Google DC PhD Summmit
Feb 22, 2014 Received an IBM PhD Fellowship 2014-2015
Jan 8, 2014 Gave a presentation at IBM Research Tokyo
Nov 6-9, 2013 Attended and gave a poster presentation at HCOMP2013

Talks & Travel

June 2 -
Aug 22, 2014
Working at MSR, Redmond
May 29, 2014 Giving a talk at HCIL Syposium
Apr 25 -
May 5, 2014
Attending CHI2014 in Toronto


1151 A.V. Williams Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Email: kotaro AT

I am a Ph.D. student studying computer science in University of Maryland, College Park. I am a member of Human-Computer Interaction Lab and am working with my advisor, Jon Froehlich.

My research focus is in Human-Computer Interaction. My current project involves crowdsourcing in particular. We are currently developing a platform where anonymous online workers can work together to locate city sidewalk accessibility issues by assessing sidewalks in geo-tagged images. Our goal is to provide information about accessible and inaccessible sidewalks in cities to support people with mobility-impairment.


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    [pdf] [pdf (poster)]
  • Hara, K., Azenkot, S., Campbell, M., Bennett, C., Le, V., Pannella, S., Moore, R., Minckler, K., Ng, R., and Froehlich, J. (2013). “Improving Public Transit Accessibility for Blind Riders by Crowdsourcing Bus Stop Landmark Locations with Google Street View” Proceedings of ASSETS 2013, Bellevue, Washington. Best Paper Award
  • Hara, K., Le, V., Sun, J., Jacobs, D., and Froehlich, J. (2013). “Exploring Early Solutions for Automatically Identifying Inaccessible Sidewalks in the Physical World using Google Street View” Human Computer Interaction Consortium 2013, Pacific Grove, California, USA. June 22-27, 2013.
  • Hara, K., Le, V., Froehlich, J. (2013). "Combining Crowdsourcing and Google Street View to Identify Street-level Accessibility Problems" Proceedings of CHI 2013, Paris, France, Apr 24-May 2, 2013.
  • Hara, K., Le, V., Froehlich, J. (2012). “A Feasibility Study of Crowdsourcing and Google Street View to Determine Sidewalk Accessibility” The 14th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (ASSETS 2012), Boulder, Colorado, USA, October 22-24, 2012.
    [pdf] [pdf (poster)] [YouTube]
  • Hara. K., Hajiaghayi, M.T., Bederson. B.B., (2011). "FluTCHA: Using Fluency to Distinguish Humans from Computers" University of Maryland, Technical Report, HCIL, February, 2012.