407 S Craig St
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Robotics Institute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. My work focuses on design, development, and deployment of smart systems that combines crowdsourcing and computation to support people with special needs. My Ph.D. work, for example, focused on design and development of a publicly deployed system that collects and delivers information about accessibility of the built-environment to support people with mobility impairments.

I currently work with Prof. Aaron Steinfeld and Prof. Jeff Bigham. Previously, I was a Ph.D. student in the University of Maryland, College Park, where I was advised by Prof. Jon Froehlich.

Selected Publications

  • The Crowd Work Accessibility Problem
    Swaminathan, S., Hara, K., and Bigham, J
    Proceedings of W4A 2017, Perth, Australia Best Paper Nomination
    To Appear
  • The Design of Assistive Location-based Technologies for People with Ambulatory Disabilities: A Formative Study
    Hara, K., Chen, C and Froehlich, J.
    Proceedings of CHI 2016, San Jose, USA.
  • Effect of Machine Translation in Interlingual Conversation: Lessons from a Formative Study
    Hara, K. and Iqbal, S.T.
    Proceedings of CHI 2015, Seoul, Korea.
    [pdf] | [bib]
  • Tohme: Detecting Curb Ramps in Google Street View Using Crowdsourcing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning
    Hara, K., Sun, J., Moore, R., Jacobs, D., and Froehlich, J.
    Proceedings of UIST 2014, ACM CR Best of Computing
    [pdf] | [YouTube]
  • Improving Public Transit Accessibility for Blind Riders by Crowdsourcing Bus Stop Landmark Locations with Google Street View
    Hara, K., Azenkot, S., Campbell, M., Bennett, C., Le, V., Pannella, S., Moore, R., Minckler, K., Ng, R., and
    Froehlich, J.
    Proceedings of ASSETS 2013, Bellevue, Washington. Best Paper Award
  • Combining Crowdsourcing and Google Street View to Identify Street-level Accessibility Problems
    Hara, K., Le, V., Froehlich, J.
    Proceedings of CHI 2013, Paris, France, Apr 24-May 2, 2013.